Play-To-Earn game offers NFTs linked to physical items like gold

Underpinned by the explosion of nonfungible tokens, which continue to gain widespread acceptance, blockchain gaming is only growing stronger. In order to capitalize on this momentum, Golden Egg Wonderland is enabling NFTs to be exchanged for a desired tangible good: a real golden egg.


The Golden Opportunity

To start playing the game, players first set up a FRUITS Wallet. Players can buy FRTS Coins with the FRUITS Wallet in addition to having access to games. Gamers have an increased chance of obtaining higher rarity birds by exchanging these coins for blue diamonds. The likelihood that a bird will lay a golden egg and the likelihood that it will be larger increase with the bird's rarity and prominence.


All of this is happening at a time when global inflation is driving up demand for gold and depressing average consumer incomes.


Golden Egg Wonderland believes that if their venture takes off, it might trigger the emergence of a brand-new gold market. Although gold is renowned for being heavy and difficult to move, NFTs backed by this valuable material can be owned, purchased, exchanged, and redeemed online.


Infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Based on the quantity of gold produced in the real world, artificial intelligence (AI) will be utilized to calculate how many golden eggs will be given out in the game each month. For utmost transparency and security, each coveted Golden Egg NFT will also be given a unique serial number. This gives the game an interesting new economic component and makes it possible to conflate the virtual and physical worlds because they are all linked via the blockchain.


The Golden Egg Wonderland team will have a stand at Tokyo's Blockchain Expo starting on October 25 in an attempt to get attention on a global scale.


In the future, the initiative intends to work with numerous well-known martial arts fighters, athletes, musicians, and artists to support Golden Egg Wonderland.


Start building your roster and train them to hatch the Golden Egg you’ve been searching for!
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