NFT x Gold Exchange Information (Patent-Pending Technology)

Golden Egg Wonderland represents the evolution in Play-To-Earn (P2E) gaming, taking it one step further to Play-For-Gold (P4G) gaming – a web3 game backed with real-gold rewards. 


International Patent Pending Technology

With the help of our partners between the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project and Tanzanian gold CIP plants and refineries, this idea brings real-world gold incentives to our game. Our international patent-pending technology allows users to exchange Golden Egg NFTs with the same serial number they acquired in the game for actual gold eggs.

When a user earns a Golden Egg NFT, the user mainly has three (3) options to make it into basic income. 

  1. Hatch the egg in the game
  2. Sell it on the NFT Marketplace
  3. Exchange it for a real gold egg


Hatch the Golden Egg

Golden Egg Wonderland offers a mechanism, so that selling your Golden Egg NFT isn’t always the best option. 

Hatching a golden egg could lead to a legendary status Turtori being born, which has the ability to lay golden eggs at a more frequent level. This could lead to basic income for users.


Trading on the NFT Marketplace

Just like any other NFT, users can always sell or buy the Golden Egg NFT on the FRUITS NFT Marketplace.


Exchanging it for a Gold Egg

The exchanging of the Golden Egg NFT and Gold Egg is scheduled to start in Q1 of 2024. Users must make a reservation before exchanging their Golden Egg NFT for clarity and security reasons. Before the exchangement, there will be an approval process where a staff member at the store will confirm that the serial number on the Golden Egg NFT matches the serial number of the reserved Gold Egg. 


About the Supply of Gold

The process of gold mining, refining, storage, and exchange are all done in one integrated process through our partners in Tanzania – a gold CIP plant and a gold refinery. Once the serial number is generated, it will be recorded on the Fruits Blockchain making clear traceability. Users can also view the status of their collateral gold holdings at any moment thanks to the blockchain’s 24-hour live feed.

Additional information regarding the forthcoming releases and features can be found in the comprehensive roadmap posted on the Golden Egg Wonderland website.


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