Play-For-Gold (P4G)

Taking Play-To-Earn (P2E) web3 gaming to the next level, Golden Egg Wonderland offers a new style of gaming, Play-For-Gold (P4G). Players have the chance to win Golden Egg NFTs which could be traded in for a real gold egg tied with the identical serial number. Unlike traditional Blockchain Games (BCG), it is a Web3 game that connects the real world and the virtual game world, offering a new experience to our players.

Supply of Gold (Carry-Over and Jackpot)

The gold is mined and rough refined at our partner’s Gold CIP Plant in Tanzania, and then refined to 999.9 pure gold at a refinery for final refining and storage. Therefore,the process of gold mining, refining, storage, and exchange are all done in one integrated process. In addition, a certain amount of gold will be added to the in-game prizes each month (TBA on the website and social media). If the entire gold supply is not fulfilled that month, then the remaining prize will be carried over to the next month.Hence, players can win the total prize of the monthly additions and carryover. Apart from that, we also plan to implement a jackpot-like mechanism.

Patent-Pending Technology

Our international patent-pending technology allows players to exchange the Golden Egg NFT for real-life Gold Egg, allowing in-game assets to be swapped for real-life assets. The Golden Egg NFT issued in the game can be identified by a set serial number, and the physical Gold Egg associated with it can be exchanged at the Golden Egg NFT Exchange. The exchange is scheduled to launch at the same time as the official release of the iOS and Android versions, which is scheduled for Q1 2024 (in accordance to our roadmap).In addition, the players gold can be traced on the Fruits Blockchain with a 24-hour live feed, allowing players to see the status of their collateral gold holdings any time they wish.

Earn Basic Income

The “Turtori” and egg can be bought and sold on the NFT Marketplace as NFTs: Golden egg NFT can be exchanged for a physical Gold Egg linked by the same serial number, thus proving the value of the gold collateral as an NFT with serial number. By holding that value digitally, it can be bought and sold on the NFT marketplace as digital gold without the actual burden of weight, etc. In addition, “Turtori” with a higher rarity has a higher chance of laying a Golden Egg NFT and the Legendary rarity “Turtori” could lay Golden Egg NFTs more frequently, providing an opportunity for basic income to players.

AI-Based Web3 Game

Golden Egg Wonderland utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology which plays a key role in generating gold and in the administrative operation. The monthly production rate and the maximum production rate of the golden eggs circulated into the game is calculated through AI based on the amount of gold produced in the real world. The gold generated in the real world can be traced on the Fruits Blockchain. Once the generated gold is recorded on the Fruits Blockchain, the AI automatically matches the gold’s serial number based on the amount of Gold Egg NFTs generated in the game. This ensures real-time correlation between real-world gold and in-game gold eggs generated, and ensures transparency and a high level of security for the amount of gold held by the operator.

Character Designs

All in-game characters, “Turtori” and eggs, are newly illustrated by an artist named Kamerian., an upcoming rising start in the graphic pop world. The unique characters can of course be enjoyed as a collection, and can also be bought and sold in the FRUITS NFT Marketplace. In addition, collaborations with famous athletes, singers, and artists are planned for the future.


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