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In a rural village, there was a painter named, “Turtlen.” As he painted birds, he always dreamed of having a bird that lays golden eggs, until one day… His drawing came to life and he went on a mission to capture his bird that lays golden eggs.

※Birds that appear in the game are called “Tutori” because they are painted by “Turtlen” and “Tori” means bird in Japanese.



Play-For-Gold (P4G)

Taking Play-To-Earn (P2G) gaming to the next level - earn real gold eggs by playing!

Supply of Gold

Monthly additions of gold supply, as well as a carry-over and jackpot mechanisms.


Patent-Pending Technology

Earn a Golden Egg NFT and exchange it for a real gold egg! Complete traceability through blockchain.


Earn Basic Income

Earn more Golden Egg NFTs by getting a higher rarity “Turtori”


AI-Based Web3 Game

Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) when generating gold and for the administrative operation.


Character Designs

In-game characters (“Turtori” and Eggs) are all designed by artist, Kamerian.

July 2023
Beta Version Launch

Release of basic in-game routine actions


Adding game play to capture birds and adding animation


Adding game play to hatch eggs and adding animation


Adding game play to crossbreed birds and adding animation


Adding game play to raise birds and adding animation

Adding a raise feature in the “My House”

Lock Feature

Adding a “lock” feature to prevent birds and eggs from being MINT’ed and sold


Adding diamonds that serve as energy for game play

Login Bonus

Adding a login bonus for existing/returning players

Item Box

Adding an item box where players can receive gifts and free diamonds from the management team

September 2023
Bird Guide

Bird library to see player’s bird details & specs

October 2023
Egg Appraisal

Ability to appraise eggs and determine species, size, etc.

Track Record

Ability to check achievements from user profile

Menu Screen Update

Update current menu screen to be more user-friendly


Adding missions that give player’s free diamonds for completing them

December 2023
Birdhouse Screen Update

Update current birdhouse screen to be more user-friendly

January 2024
Friend List

In-game friend list feature

Ability to raise and take care of other player’s birds

Enhance Training

Adding new features such as skills gained in training and skills generated from the family tree

Growth Items

Addition of various items to encourage bird’s growth

Shop Feature

Player’s will be able to use in-game diamonds to purchase in-game items

April 2024

Tutorial for new players

May 2024
Publicly Release Gold Traceability

Traceability and 24-hour live feed capabilities are available to the public regarding the operation's gold supply

Enhance Crossbreed Feature

Update to a more detailed and predictive screen of the crossbred birds

Makes it easier to obtain a bird that the player wants

Search Feature

Send birds that have not been placed in birdhouses to explore and acquire items, etc.

Implementation of dungeon skills and other skills for each bird

June 2024
Exchange of Golden Egg NFT

Start operation of a physical store that allows exchange of the Golden Egg NFT earned in the game for a physical gold egg

July 2024
Crossbreed Rental

Crossbreed with your friend’s birds

Event Dungeon

Event to give SRs (Super Rare) with a high chance of producing Golden Phoenix in the order of completing the event

August 2024
NFT Marketplace UI

Update current NFT Marketplace UI to make it easier to use

September 2024
My Farm Building

Ability to build your own farm

Buildings are NFT and are constructed using stamina and FRTS

iOS/Android App Launch

Release of iOS and Android App version

October 2024
App Launch Event

Specific event details TBA



May 22, 2024


April 29, 2024


March 23, 2024


February 24, 2024


Users are required to download a free app called “FRUITS Wallet” or make a web wallet account, which can be downloaded and/or created from the following link:

Yes, users can play without paying. You can earn bonus gifts of black diamonds by logging in continuously, and stamina is also increased over time.

It is currently a web browser game, so all web browsers are supported. The app version is scheduled to launch in Q1~Q2 of 2024.

After logging in, click the setting button and you will be able to select your language. Currently, the game only supports English and Japanese.

Birds and eggs can be purchased in the NFT Marketplace. They can also be acquired from within the game using diamonds.

They can also be obtained by participating in campaigns and events. Joining the official telegram and discord is recommended, as you will receive information about events and other special offers.

Blue diamonds are paid diamonds. Blue diamonds can be used for any billing transaction and can be obtained by purchasing them through FRTS coins.

Black diamonds are free diamonds. Black diamonds are distributed in the game as a bonus or compensation. Black diamonds are needed in different areas of the game or can be used in place of Blue diamonds in some areas.

FRTS coin is a cryptocurrency that can be managed in the FRUITS Wallet, which is a key essential to play Golden Egg Wonderland.

Simply put, having FRTS allows you to enjoy Golden Egg Wonderland more, and by using FRTS, you can obtain Blue diamonds that can be used within Golden Egg Wonderland.

※It is a free-to-play game, so users can play without using any FRTS.

There are 3 ways to obtain FRTS coins:

①Purchasing from "JUICE DEX" in FRUITS Wallet, but you will need Bitcoin or Ethereum within your FRUITS Wallet to do so.

②Purchasing from exchanges where they are listed. Currently, FRTS is listed on ProBit Global, MEXC Global, LBank, and XT.COM.

③Through airdrop events and campaigns.

Joining the FRUITS Official Telegram and Discord is recommended, as you will receive information about airdrops to receive FRTS.

The rarity and status of the "Turtori" is important for laying golden eggs. You can lay higher rarity eggs by capturing higher rarity birds, raising them, and breeding them as adults.

My farm is where you can give instructions to and raise "Tutori(s)" that you own.

You can give various instructions to your "Tutori" to make them grow and/or acquire items.

You can also give more in-depth instructions to the birds that you particularly want to raise in the birdcage.

Currently, stamina can be used for the following in-game actions:

①Crossbreed your birds

②Automate the hatching of eggs

The capture in-game action allows you to capture wild "Turtori" in the game. Capturing a bird can be done with Black Diamonds (free diamonds) or Blue Diamonds (paid diamonds). Capturing with Blue Diamonds increases the probability of obtaining a higher rarity "Turtori"!

The hatch in-game action allows your eggs to automatically hatch to produce a "Turtori". You can use blue diamonds (paid diamonds) to shorten the time until the eggs are hatched.

You can also use black diamonds (free diamonds) to increase the rank of the incubator to speed up the hatching time.

The crossbreed in-game action allows you to crossbreed your "Turtori" (male and female) to lay eggs. By crossbreeding birds of higher rarity and status, eggs of higher rarity will be laid

First, you must acquire a bird or egg and raise your bird via My Farm. As a result, the bird will grow up to be a higher statused bird, and higher status eggs are produced by crossbreeding the higher status birds. Birds with better status have a higher chance of producing "Super Rare" or "Legend" rarity eggs.

When a "Legend" bird is acquired, a golden egg can be obtained by crossbreeding. The size of the golden eggs can also be increased by breeding birds with higher rarity and status.

The exchanging of Golden Egg NFT and physical gold is scheduled to start in Q1 of 2024, starting with several locations. You can also buy and sell Golden Egg NFTs on the FRUITS NFT Marketplace.



Game designer/Supervisor


Producer/Game Manager

FRUITS Developer Team



Blockchain/AI developer



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